To encourage, support and advise on systems of animal production and conservation in Europe which are compatible with acceptable standards of animal welfare, genetic diversity, protection of the environment and rural infrastructure.

To collaborate with other organisations which are sympathetic to the objectives of ELA. These include veterinary, scientific, ecological, conservation, rural and food interests.

In furtherance of these main objectives the following topics are of special interest:


Animal Health and Welfare

To promote the maintenance and management of domestic livestock in conditions which meet high standards of animal health, welfare and ethics.

Food Quality

To promote the optimum conditions for the production of food of high quality and safety, through the creation of interlinked systems of production in Europe with full traceability.

Genetic Resources

To recommend measures to prevent erosion of animal genetic resources in order to maximise the choice of native breeds and types available to producers and the choice of high quality products to consumers.

Protection of the Environment

To study and encourage the use of non-intensive, including organic, systems of production; to promote the awareness of the need for sustainable systems of production, including the use of native breeds with natural adaptation in conservation grazing; and to promote measures to eliminate or reduce environmental pollution caused by some production methods.

Rural Infrastructure

To support and recommend strategies to the maintenance of the rural infrastructure of small businesses, particularly those relating to small units of livestock production and marketing.

Identification and Registration

To evaluate and recommend a European wide system of animal identification and registration, for use of timely interventions and tracing of contagious disease outbreaks, overview of animals present and animal movements and to disseminate information on native and local breeds of domestic livestock.


To monitor global and European legislation affecting animal health, zoonosis, livestock production and marketing. To make recommendations to European Governments and the European Commission to maximise the beneficial effect of such legislation for breeders and keepers of livestock.