Neurological Disorders and Mineral Imbalance


Betty is a Shetland Sheep breeder in the Netherlands. Together with 2 partners she keeps a flock of pure bred Shetlands. She is the contact person for the Shetland breed in the Netherlands and maintains contact with the breed societies in the UK and America. Since some of her own Shetlands died of acute copper deficiency in 1997 she has continually been looking for the cause. Together with Dr. Stewart Telfer from the University of Leeds, UK, she solved the problems within her flock. She is very concerned about the increasing prevalence of livestock copper deficiency in Europe and together with scientists from England, Sweden and Finland she established a small field trial to study the effects of mineral imbalances in small ruminants.
Betty Stikkers
David is professor of biochemistry in the Department of Biology and Biochemistry, University of Bath. A recognised and respected expert on TSEs, who has worked in the field of prion disease research for the past 12 years in both Germany and the UK. He is currently a member of SEAC, of the MRC College of Experts and an editor for the Journal of Neurochemistry. He is also the editor/author of three books on TSEs and neurodegenerative diseases.
Prof. David Brown  

Since 1965 Adrian has worked at the Department of Chemistry, National Veterinary Institute, Uppsala, Sweden. With experience from different fields of chemistry (more than 100 scientific papers, 23 of which since his formal age retirement 1992), Frank has devoted a special interest in trace element chemistry of domestic and wild animals.
Prof. Adrian Frank  
Wilbert is a veterinarian and is currently working as director of toxicology in a preclinical CRO. Thus daily involved in setting up toxicological investigations in order to determine the safety of new and existing pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals and agrochemicals. His field of interest is food safety and animal welfare.
Drs. Wilbert Frieling  


Stewart is a former academic who retired from the University of Leeds.
His specialty is Animal Physiology and Nutrition and mineral deficiency in ruminants. Presently he is managing director of Telsol.

Dr. Stewart Telfer