The European Livestock Association - ELA - was formed in 2001 to provide effective representation for European animal breeders, keepers and food producers.

The founder members of ELA included individuals and specialists from a wide range of activities and disciplines. Though animal breeders, scientists and veterinarians were the originators of ELA, it rapidly became apparent that other stakeholders, such as specialist food producers and ancillary businesses such as tourism, also were affected disproportionately by ill-prepared legislation. ELA’s mission statement has been broadened to recognise this wider constituency.

ELA comprises a committed group of international experts and informed stakeholders who together wish to help the EU Commission, national governments and individuals to develop and maintain sound sustainable systems of livestock farming and food production, with a strong emphasis on welfare, bio-security and genetic diversity across Europe.

Peter King resigns as chairman of ELA.
Due to my increasing commitment as RBST Chairman, and particularly as we are planning for its 40th Anniversary next year I am simply unable to sustain my commitment that the role deserves. It has been a matter of great pride and an honour for me to have been ELA's Founder Chairman and I shall continue to have a seat on the Genetic Resources panel. I have to thank ELA Council for giving me so much support and encouragement in the role, and also to mention the again the tragic loss of our incredible secretary Christine Bijl whose direct and continuing support for me was nothing less than astonishing. She would be extremely happy to know that we are now very fortunate to have secured the support of Saskia Cahuzak in that role and that ELA is continuing with its vital work and contioues to secure its future. Founder member Betty Stikkers will fulfill my role as by becoming acting chairman until a permanent successor is elected.